Retrofit Installation

Retrofit Expertise

OceanSaver aims to provide ship owners with retrofit BWTS expertise during the retrofit process. Our retrofit business solution is flexible in terms of scope of supply and services, enabling OceanSaver to adapt in accordance with owners’ requirements.

OceanSaver MKII has been developed and designed as a skid based modular system to allow for easy retrofit installation and system placement. Retrofit planning is recommended to commence 8-12 months prior to shipboard installation. An important reason for initiating the planning as early as possible is to carry out a thorough and detailed design & engineering, as well as the class approval process.

In our retrofit installation experience, OceanSaver has recognized several key factors necessary for project delivery without delays. We have experienced that extensive communication between our project department, owners, Design Company and repair yard ensures capturing the errors and taking timely corrective measures. Clearly defined design basis for piping, electrical, control system and other utilities system is important to avoid inefficient installation work.

OceanSaver has delivered several successful retrofit installation with several more in planning and production stage. Each project is subjected to our quality control (ISO 9001:2008) and handled by an in-house team consisting of personnel with vast experience from the maritime, gas and oil industry to ensure delivery on time and according to specification.

Retrofit Process

OceanSaver have teamed up with industry leading engineering firms to offer complete retrofit packages. The scope of the package will be tailor made to meet the owners specific needs, a retrofit package from OceanSaver can include the following:

  • Design and engineering including class approval
  • On-board Survey with inspection report including 3D Scanning, processing and establishing a 3D ‘as-built’ model
  • BWTS layout proposal / concept design
  • BWTS detailed engineering
  • Riding crew to do pre-installation while vessel is at sea prior to dry dock or after dry dock
  • Site supervision, commissioning, training
  • Interface equipment
  • Co-operation with Repair yards on installation requirements in order to minimize time and cost

Key Benifits of Choosing OceanSaver:

  • Scalable system – One C2E unit can treat up to 7200m3/hr ballast flow
  • Easy to integrate and install
  • Can be installed in different configurations of main components
  • Requires less modification and less engineering
  • Option for remote system monitoring, contributing to convenient and safe operation and peace of mind
  • Easy and reliable operation
  • Relatively low power consumption making it unnecessary to add a generator
  • Clearly defined requirements to scanning: equipment location, main piping, field run piping, etc.
  • Detailed design level to be agreed to avoid inefficient installation work

Example from 3D retrofit planning.