OceanSaver is close to finalize its shipboard testing as part of the US Coast Guard (USCG) test program for ballast water management systems. During the last months a sequence of shipboard tests have been successfully completed.


“We are pleased to announce completion of several shipboard tests as part of the USCG test program. The shipboard tests were completed according to plan and met all USCG requirements. Our ballast water management system has proved to be highly efficient and robust and we expect shortly to finalize the USCG type approval process,” says Helle Hundseid, CEO at OceanSaver.

As previously announced all land-based tests have already been successfully completed last year at the DHI facilities in Denmark and the environmental component testing is ongoing and will be finalized within short time. All remaining documentation required for the application has been identified and is under completion.

“The USCG testing program for ballast water management systems is very challenging, but

OceanSaver is demonstrating that our organization and system is capable of handling and meeting the tough requirements. I am very proud to be part of this team and we will continue to meet customer expectations as a supplier both with respect to delivering a system with high reliability and quality components, in addition giving professional training and worldwide service and aftersales support to our customers. Being awarded large retrofit contracts by highly recognized customers, the latest being ENGIE and BP Shipping of UK, gives us confidence and confirmation that we are on the right track,” says Helle Hundseid.

OceanSaver – established in 2003 – is one of the pioneers in the ballast water treatment system industry. The OceanSaver Mark II ballast water treatment system delivers a combination of high-performing filtration technology and disinfection by patented electrodialysis technology.