How the System Works

Side Stream Electrodialysis Technology

OceanSaver MKII BWTS is based on the principle of filtration and disinfection by side stream electrodialysis. The system is modular in nature ensuring ease of installation on newbuildings and retrofits, our C2E disinfectant skid is delivered in 3 skid sizes depending on ballast pump flowrate. Models range from 200m3/h up to 6000m3/h capacities can be accommodated on a project to project basis.

System Layout

Below is a typical system layout for a vessel with one ballast water loop. Water is pumped on board by the ballast pump, filtrated by our automatic back flushing 40 micron filter and then subjected to our disinfectant. The disinfectant is produced by our patented C2E unit which is supplied with seawater from a separate loop.
TRO levels in the water is measured and the system automatically adjusts the disinfectant production in order to reduce power consumption while ensuring that the ballasted water is treated according to the regulations.

Step 1: Filtration

Ballast water is pumped onboard by the ballast pumps and filtered by a mechanical, fully automatic back-flushing filter.

The filter is an automatic self-cleaning filter equipped with a 40 micron screen filter. Proximity nozzle technology ensures efficient and reliable cleaning of the filter screen. The filter will remain operational during back flushing sequences and continue to operate in challenging water conditions.


Each filter unit is fitted with two pressure transmitters, on the inlet and filter outlet. These constantly measure the differential pressure over the filter, a clean filter will have a pressure drop of 0,1 bar. When the pressure drop reach 0,5 bar an automatic cleaning or back-flushing sequence is activated, the filter uses a sludge pump to suck the dirt out of the filter while the suction scanner spins the suction nozzels inside the filter to cover the entire screen.

Step 2: Electrodialytic disinfectant

As a second treatment step, the ballast water is exposed to an injection of an side stream produced disinfectant C2E.

Disinfectant oxidant is produced in an electrodialytic process. This is performed by OceanSaver patended membrane cell, on the C2E disinfectant skid. Approximately 1% of the total ballast water flow is fed through the C2E unit and thereafter injected downstream of the main filters.

Treatment at uptake/discharge

OceanSaver MKII system allows for deballast via gravity, ballast pumps and stripping eductors to give the operator maximum flexibility. During discharge our Total Residual Oxidant (TRO) sensor will measure the TRO levels and automatically start neutralization if needed, assuring the vessel is in compliance.