Filter Testing:

OceanSaver have carried out extensive filter tests at our test facilities in Gdansk Poland with our filter manufacturers. The screen type filters have proven superior in comparison to conventional filter design in both removing organisms and in avoiding clogging by back flushing.

Filter Technology:

Ballast water is pumped onboard by the ballast pumps and filtered by a mechanical, fully automatic back-flushing 40 micron filter. The filter removes a majority of organisms in the and most of the total suspended solids above 40 micron.
OceanSaver BWTS MKII is tested and type approved with screen type filters from two filter manufactures. This design offers superior filtration of organisms and suspended solids as well as superior filter screen cleaning. Successful ballast water operations in water with a high sediment content will be highly dependent on filter technology, OceanSaver BWTS MKII will keep the vessel operating in challenging conditions.

Benefits of filter technology

  • Best available technology for filter cleaning = No stop of operation
  • Duplex stainless steel filter housing = Less maintenance and corrosion
  • Full automation = Automatic self cleaning
  • High quality production = Filter house designed for vessel lifetime

Operational Parameters: 

Pressure loss over the filter will be a minimal 0,1 bar for a clean filter and 0,5 bar for a filter starting the automatic backflushing sequence. During the backflushing sequence, the filter will continue to filter water and no stop in the ballasting operation will be necessary.

The filters are offered in a range of models suiting customer needs, all filter models can be delivered in both horizontal and vertical versions. Our filters are designed for flow rates ranging from 50m3/h up to 3500m3/h


OceanSaver’s system uses filters manufactured in robotized facilitates enabling extraordinary precision with high tolerances and excellent quality. The filters are produced in Duplex stainless steel housing requiring no corrosion protection coating and a lighter overall solution.