Training & Consultancy

Training Packages

OceanSaver BWTS has been designed with a user friendly focus, enabling the ballast system operator to focus on cargo operations while the BWT system is running. The system is fully automated with an easy to understand software.

Ballast water management is internationally subjected to both IMO and USCG regulations as well as certain national requirements. OceanSaver BWTS is designed to comply with IMO and the stricter USCG rules with test results exceeding the requirements under challenging conditions. It will be expected by both port state control and the US coast guard inspectors, that the system operator is fully familiar with the regulations and the system both operation and maintenance.

OceanSaver has developed a wide selection of training packages to increase the operators understanding, we can offer Onboard Training, Classroom and Simulator training as well as tailor made training packages.

Standard Package

  • Crew Training (Onboard) 8 hours
  • System Operator Basic 16 hours 
  • System Operator Advanced 24 hours

Tailor Made Packages

  • Why BWTS and operational aspects
  • Regulations covering Ballast Water Treatment
  • Principle and system understanding
  • Documentation package
  • Equipment and function
  • Commissioning scope
  • BWTS control system
  • General QA/QC/HSE
  • How to operate OS BWTS from HMI
  • Troubleshooting from HMI
  • Simulation training
  • Compliance and the role of port authorities
  • Preservation and maintenance

Benifits of crew trained to use OceanSaver BWTS

Crew trained to operate OceanSaver BWTS will have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations, posess a good understanding of the system and be able to carry out maintenance on the system. The main benefits of crew training include:

  • Understanding automation principle and system operation
  • Qualified to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Understand all elements and function of the system
  • Troubleshooting from the software
  • Technical and regulatory knowledge to demonstrate compliance during port state and US coast guard inspections