Easy to Operate

OceanSaver Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) is a fully automated system controlled by PLC. The BWTS is offered as a standalone system with feedback from the vessels ballast water pumps and interface valves. OceanSaver BWTS can be delivered with one or several control/monitoring stations depending on customer preference.

As the operator prepares a ballast water operation and Initiates the ballasting sequence. He will be guided step by step on what ship controlled valves to open and when to start the ballast pump. OceanSaver BWTS will automatically set the controlled valves in the correct position, start the BWTS feed pump and the system will produce oxidant to treat the ballasted water. The operator can then keep focus on ongoing cargo transfer and normal work tasks.

Always ensured compliance 

OceanSaver MKII BWTS will log all ballast water operations and create a comprehensive BW logbook which is an excellent supplement to the vessels ballast water management plan. The digital logbook will include timestamps for each operation, GPS coordinates, and treatment history for the system. OceanSaver system will aid your ship’s crew to stay in compliance and ease workload with regard to ballast water handling.

OceanSaver BWTS is designed for ease of use with user friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI), giving the operator maximum flexibility to perform other tasks during the ballast and de-ballast operations.