Bulk Carriers

OceanSaver’s market leading BWT system for Bulk Carriers offers:

The most efficient treatment combination of filtration and disinfection, utilising side-stream electrodialysis during ballast uptake

  • High performance self-cleaning 40 micron screen filters with up to 97 % removal of organisms, resulting in efficient and reliable filtration in all water conditions.
  • Patented membrane cell technology, allowing the generation of a highly efficient oxidant, with only a low dosage required to perform disinfection.
  • No need for filtration or disinfection during de-ballasting, allowing discharge by gravity.
  • OceanSaver BWTS is designed for unrestricted operation and continuously self-adjusts oxidant dosage levels according to actual water conditions, ensuring optimised power consumption.
  • Long-term corrosion test by DNV GL demonstrates OceanSaver BWTS has no negative impact on ballast tank coating systems or steel, due to low, max 2,5 ppm, TRO level and its unique type of oxidant.
  • Class-approved hydrogen management system ensures that electrolysis by-product is handled safely.
  • OceanSaver BWTS is developed, designed and manufactured in Norway, and compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.